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Perhaps our name made you laugh...

It was meant tongue-in-cheek.  This is not a colonic, it's a total clean out of your energy field.  You are invited to step beyond the New cAge (and its pretty pictures and popular illusions) and get down to the real soul work.


Shamanic Colonic is an apt description of what we do – CUT THE CRAP – in multiple dimensions.  We offer a blend of healing modalities to boost and cleanse your energy, so you can take your life and your multi-dimensional awareness to the next level.   


Are you ready to shed your skin?

 Would you like to lose the dead weight that has been holding you back?  We help you to get clear on what is real in your life and what is yours, and clear out the rest.  We get down to what is happening on a soul level.  We help you access your core issues echoing in time and space - and move through them, so you can enjoy spiritual success that ripples out into your life NOW.

There is deep healing here, without all the spiritual buzzwords and fanfare.   We help those who want to think for themselves and who aren't afraid to be "spiritually incorrect."


We help you to see what is hidden

  Are you looking for clarity?  

We know that almost nothing is exactly as it seems.  We believe that the realms of the unconscious mind can be accessed through our bodies, which provide a direct interface with our subconscious spiritual lessons.  Bodies do not lie; bodies are amazing allies on the path of our soul growth.  We use body centered (somatic) awareness to work beyond the conscious mind, and let the energy behind your challenges  speak for itself.   We teach you how to be multidimensional, how to activate your own intuitive abilities, and how to navigate your unique issues in grounded and practical ways.

What We Offer


Who and what we work with:

*Energy healers, empaths and intuitives who want high caliber help

*Energy field fractures induced by plant medicines

*People healing from non-physical attack by spiritual teachers

*People in deep metaphysical doo-doo

*Those needing energetic clearing from relationships

*People dealing with hyperdimensional interference (entities)

*Direct connection with Source, Earth energies


Customized multidimensional healing

We begin with full presence and attention, and see where Spirit takes us.  We start hands-on, using touch and body "radar" to read core issues.  We work in the ether as well to clear energy in your field and beyond, throughout time and space.  

We artfully blend: "past" life readings - untangling timelines, soul retrieval, clearing/removal of foreign energies, sound healing, breathwork, bodywork, releasement of attached entities (when safe),  rebalancing the nervous system, symbolic trancework or guided meditation.

Colonics are amazing, but we don't currently offer them.


Who and what we don't work with

*Gods/Goddesses or other deities

*Angels & Ascended Masters (astral police)

*Those who are addicted to or using substances

*Victims or those who blame others or society

*People who want someone else to solve their problems

*Severely possessed or imbalanced persons

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.


Ready to Know More?

Summer Rochelle Egland, Multidimensional Healer

Though I don't call myself a shaman, I sometimes joke that I received my Masters in Shamanic Studies from the School of Hard Knocks.  Life itself dealt me my initiation, which could have killed me and nearly drove me crazy.  No amount of formal training can catapult someone into successfully navigating the unseen.  I've learned the hard way that it's not all love and light out there.   I gained unique abilities to see patterns of energy on macro- and micro-levels.

I've been traversing the New Age and studying various spiritual teachings since the early '90's, after I met my "higher self" at age 18 and began to KNOW much more than I'd been taught.  I'm always learning but I'm done "seeking."  I help people ground into their own knowing rather than looking outside themselves.  

I have an aversion to screens, and the current trend of online spiritual teachings.  Go out in nature.  Listen to your body.  Listen to Earth.  Move.  Breathe.  Sunbathe.  Tune your attention to the birds, not to your phone.  Manmade EMF can easily drown out the signals of the cosmos - so we must decide which station we will tune the antenna of our DNA into...  the choice is ours.  The stakes are extraordinary.

Selected Credentials:

1997 - B.A. Social Welfare, B.A. Spanish - University of Wisconsin at Madison

1999 - Certified Massage Therapist ~ SedonasElite.com

1999 - Reiki Master & Teacher

2015 - Empathetic Touch Practitioner

2018 - Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

2019 - Certified EMF Expert Consultant ~ LessenEMF.com

Please call for a free initial consultation to see if working with me is right for you.

Introductory sessions 10% off ~ $225 ~ Allow 90 minutes. (Reg. $250)

Feel the difference in our amazing EMF shielded healing suite in West Sedona, or enjoy the same great results by phone.  Maximize benefits and value by committing to a series, see below.

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(530) 313-8906 Mobile - no texts.

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T H A N K   Y O U !

Feeling Called?

Your first session is 10% off, only $225. (Reg. $250) Allow ~90 minutes.

Since I live in the glorious offline world, and do not have a smart phone, please call rather than text.  I want to hear your voice.  

Thank you! 

928-649-3447 Office

530-313-8906 Mobile

928-282-8734 Home

Healing Packages

Quarterly payment plans available for packages over $1000


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Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have. 

Shamanic Colonic

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